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Jenni *

I can't say enough good things ! I love the personalized attention I receive and appreciate how the meal plans are tailored to my specific needs; especially how they can be modified based on what is/isn't working, unlike "traditional" diets. The weekly weigh-ins provide you with constant support, which can be difficult if you are losing weight independently (without the help of friends/family etc.) and it also frames your new eating habits as a new state of mind, not a "diet" which so commonly has a negative connotation. I would recommend this organization and program to anyone who is looking to lose weight or just get in shape! 


I always thought of myself as an active person. But I found myself struggling with knowing what a “healthy” diet was and what foods to eat and when. Despite exercising and counting calories I still had 10-15 pounds hanging around that I just couldn’t shake. I came to Sea Slim because I wanted a nutritious and healthy food plan that I could follow lifelong. I wanted a plan that was backed up by proven techniques and it wasn’t just some quick fix or crash diet. Jennifer was amazing! She gave me recipes and healthy eating tips that made shopping and cooking easier. She created a plan that was specific to me, based around my crazy schedule and full of foods that I enjoyed. I found that after a few weeks I didn’t miss my old habits. I felt like this plan was my new habit. I have been on my Sea Slim plan for 4 months and I have lost 9 pounds and kept it off! I can’t wait to see what my future holds for me.

Greg Lost 40 pounds *

 Great coach and teachers of healthy eating!! In January my A1c was 7, and I was taking metformin twice a day. My last A1c was 5.6 in March, now I am taking metformin once a day.  I have it checked again in July, hoping to get off all the diabetes meds! Losing 40 pounds has done a lot for me. A few more to go to hit my goal, and with Sea Slim of Glastonbury's I know I can do it!!

Sarah *

The team is a  was a wealth of information and inspiration. Life is easier when you're at a healthy weight. The program is easy and I never felt like I was denying myself! Everything in moderation!!!!!! 

Katie Lost 20 Pounds with SEA SLIM *

The Program is totally personalized which has  been perfect for me before, during and after my pregnancy. There is no counting calories or points, it is all about eating good food often so you don't get hungry and always have energy. When I first started I was shocked how much food I was eating and still losing weight! I lost 20 pounds before I got pregnant and now I am working on losing the baby weight. I highly recommend SEA SLIM!

Micki *

I love the accountability I get. After gaining 8 lbs since October I knew I needed help, and I am very happy with the results. I am now down almost 8 lbs. since May 22nd (4 weeks), so I am extremely happy. 

Kathy- Lost 35 pounds with SEA SLIM *

“For me, I tried to diet on my own and I thought I was eating the right things.  Coming here I learned what I thought was a healthy diet was in fact not the case.  And now I’ve learned nutritional healthy eating that I can take with me for the rest of my life.  Now that I’ve reached my goal, I know I can enjoy the foods I like while maintaining my goal weight.”  

Andrea *

The nutritionist works with you to develop a plan that suits your needs and your lifestyle. They continue to tweak that plan to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals. This isn't a diet - this is a lifestyle. They have had an incredibly positive impact on my life - I highly recommend them to anyone looking to lose weight and improve their overall health. 

Amy *

This plan was highly recommended to me, from 3 people, in a span of 2 weeks. Their success & description of the plan, made me check it out; so glad I did! It's just what I needed, with a customized plan for my body/life & the help of a nutritionist. I'm only in wk 2, already have learned how to adjust my portions & food groups, in reasonable ways, to maintain my healthy weight. My counselor, Kara, made me feel comfortable immediately & is easy & fun to work with.
I feel it'll be doable going forward & I'll still be able to enjoy a variety of foods I love, even "goodies", within moderation & healthy portions. I lost 5 lbs so far! (and nothing was working for me before...I needed to know more about healthy portions & food combining.) 30 min. of some kind of daily exercise is required...also doable & what is recommended in all programs & by docs.
This is a "real life" plan for healthy eating, truly not a "Diet.". The one on one factor, customization, "no calorie counting", real food...all make this a great plan for anyone. 

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